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  • My day in England

    18 décembre 2013

    I left Fouquières by bus at 6:45 am. We took the Eurotunnel in Calais. We arrived at 11 am in Folkestone. I went shopping at 11:30 am in Tunbridge Wells. We went to the pantomime "Robin Hood" at 1:30 pm in Sevenoaks. The pantomime of Robin Hood was fantastic!...

  • A day in England

    18 décembre 2013

    Thursday, December 12th, 2013 We left school by coach at 6:30 am. We arrived in Calais at 8 o'clock. We arrived in England at 10:10 am. We went shopping. I liked the shopping. We bought souvenirs. We ate at 12:10. We saw the pantomime in Sevenoaks. I...

  • A day in England

    18 décembre 2013

    We left Fouquières by coach. We took the shuttle (the Eurotunnel) in Calais to Folkestone. We ate in the shuttle. I liked shopping in Tunbridge Wells. It was sunny and cold. I bought some pop corn. Robin Hood and the Babes in the wood Robin Hood was a...

  • What is a pantomime?

    03 décembre 2013

    - what is a pantomime.odp

  • Robin Hood Pantomime

    03 décembre 2013

    - Robin Hood Pantomime.odp


    25 septembre 2013

  • mission 2: write about the week with the English correspondents

    06 novembre 2013

  • mission 2: interview of the English correspondents

    03 novembre 2013

  • Mission 2: interviews and Natural History Museum

    07 novembre 2013

  • At last, mission 1!!

    15 novembre 2013

  • A day in England - Shopping + Robin Hood Pantomime

    19 décembre 2013

  • mission Washington D.C. vs Miami

    08 avril 2014

  • Mission: write a recipe

    23 mai 2014

    Here are a few recipes written by the ambassadors...bake and enjoy your cakes :) chocolate cake recipe - RECETTE ARTHUR.odt yogurt cake recipe - RECETTE ELOISE.odt chocolate and vanilla recipe - RECETTE JONATHAN.odg muffin recipe - RECETTE LOGAN.odt crepes...

  • mission: At the restautant

    18 juin 2014

  • Visit of Hayesbrook school

    29 juin 2014


    02 avril 2014

    Here's a video showing what Miami looks like! Fancy going there? Miami - City Video Guide

  • Washington DC

    02 avril 2014

    Here's a video showing what Washington DC looks like. Fancy going there? Washington D.C. is situated on the east coast of the USA, along the banks of the Potomac River. Most visitors begin at the National Mall. Zero Milestone is the proposed reference...

  • The Legend of Robin Hood

    25 novembre 2013

    Fairy tales for children, robin hood,audio book, books for children, learn english speaking

  • A day in England

    18 décembre 2013

    I went to England. We took the coach. I played in the coach. In the morning, we went shopping. In the afternoon, we went to the pantomime. I loved shopping and I loved the pantomime and the actors. I love the whole day, I was happy! Tiffani

  • Welcome!

    09 septembre 2013

    Welcome to the blog of the ambassadors of Fouquières!

  • A day in Lille

    09 novembre 2013

    We went to Lille. We visited Lille and we went shopping. We went to Euralille. We ate at McDonald's. In the afternoon we visited a museum. After, we interviewed the English boys. We came back by train. Pascal

  • Lewarde

    09 novembre 2013

    We visited Lewarde but it was raining. We ate some sandwiches in a shed. We took a lift and we visited the mine. We saw some lamps. We visited the "hung clothes room" ("salle des pendus"). Jonathan